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Heating Pad For Back Pain Relief

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Warm and vibration relax massage.
• Heating Therapy
• Vibration Massage
• 2 Heating Levels
• 4 Vibration Modes
  • Heating 


• Extra Large & Full-body Warm. Designed specially to be worn around the neck and shoulders, the heated wrap can be flexibly used on the back, abdomen, legs, waist, and more.

• Hands-free & Ergonomic- Magnetic clasp and slightly weighted edges help drape the electric heating pad naturally and snugly around the neck and shoulders for hands-free enjoyment.

• Intelligent Heating 2 heating levels* 4 vibration levels for you choose.

• Super-soft The flannel micro-plush hugs you with maximum comfort while helping to distribute heat more evenly.

• Safety-automatically shut off after two hours.