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3D Deep Wrap Air Compression Foot Massager

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Helps to promote blood circulation, relieve pain on feet.
• 3D Deep Kneading Nodes Massage
• With Air-Compression
• Time Display; 6 Timer Set tings
• 5 Levels of Air Compression Intensity
• 3 Kneading Modes for Ultimate Comfort and Relaxation
• Heating Function
• An Automatic 15 Minutes Off Timer Cut Off
• Touch Screen
• Removable Washable Lining
• Soothing Heat
  • Foot Massage 


• Ergonomic design, fusion of real massage techniques, combined with airbag compression and upgraded Shiatsu massage, equipped with 2 rolling heads and multiple small massage heads.

• Enjoy a deep kneading shiatsu massage from your heels to your toes.

• Full, instep and bottom shiatsu foot massager with heat to provide deep kneading acupoint massage. Heating intensity can promote blood circulation normally or slowly, thereby relaxing and relieving soreness.

• With 5-level of different intensities and 3-level of massager modes can satisfy different massage needs.

• The intelligent heating function combined with the 5-30min timing design,and there is also a built-in overheat protection.

• Easy to clean and maintain, the washable interior liner keeps your massage fresh every time.

• Enhance your massage with the additional heat feature that can be used individually or in conjunction to the massage.